Friday, March 11, 2011

be of good cheer

What a mixed weather day. Started out rather blustery, afternoon was actually kind of sunny, and warm in the sheltered places. Todays clothing was, as pretty much always this time of year, layers: underdress is bluegrey ikat cotton (originally a duvet cover from the Ikea as-is bins) and the jumper is brown corduroy with multiple pockets.

All the pocketing, as well as the neckline, armscye and hem edges are bound with multicolor floral babycord. The edge binding means that the jumper looks well with most of my other options for wearing with it, and the brown corduroy, which was a gift, is also about as far as I am comfortable stretching my color palette. (whoo hooo, brown! how exotic! how daring!)

While my favorite length for dress sleeves is about 3/4 length (keeps sleeves out of the way while working on stuff) it does tend to be a bit chilly this time of year. Normally I'd wear a longsleeve knit top, but only have two me-made ones currently, so, I'm also wearing chocolate brown merino wool handknit Voodoo wrist warmers. Wrap a handknit light blue wool Lacy Baktus scarf around my neck and be warm until needs take me outside, when more layers will be necessary.
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Enjoying the birdsong in the morning a lot, but an even better sign of spring a-comin' is that the rhubarb in the front yard is unfurling. Not ready yet, but waiting is worthwhile. Last fall leaf mulch was added to their location, and when the worm bin is dealt with soon, some of the wonderful worm castings will go to nourish my favorite springtime treat. There just might be some local strawberries still in the chest freezer. Mmmmm, strawberry-rhubarb crisp, pie, jam...
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

The Ravelry kitchen swap package arrrived today, with all sorts of fun gifty things for the kitchen here at Acorn Cottage: a textured red and white dishcloth, two felted red wool potholders ( just in time, as my one remaining potholder is wearing out) two bamboo implements and a narrow red silicone spatula. Also a nice bamboo tea towel, a useful and cleverly made hand-covered tape measure (more asian/japanese fabric) a cute kitchen angel, and what I first thought was another ornament, until on closer look I realised that it was actually also a star-shaped box, which opened to reveal two yarn needles. Rounding out the bounty is the rest of the red yarn, and a length of gorgeous indonesian batik all in my beloved indigo and white, with a design of sea creatures... Dear swap pal, you have done a superb "stalking" job, and have made me very very happy, as well as adding some fun color to the kitchen here at Acorn Cottage; my cooking time will be rather more cheerful now...


  1. I think the red bits will blend very nicely with your sweet little kitchen,a pop of color and cheer!

  2. that was the idea perzactly...tomato red is the accent color for my kitchen, I've some fun things already, like my red measuring spoons, and now lots more bright bits