Tuesday, March 22, 2011

be creative and make stuff...

Not sure why, but my interest in the MeMade challenge is just not there, it feels somehow less relevant right now. With all else that needs to be done, why take time each morning to take pictures of what I am wearing that day? Maybe it is the state of the world, which continues to devolve, and why focus on what feels like frivolity? Maybe it is simply a been-there done-that, and isn't really challenging me, but that doesn't feel accurate, since my desire to sew for myself right now is not very strong either. Maybe it is that there are an assortment of sewing-for-others projects on my plate right now?

I know I'm not the only one feeling this way, since I read Sigrid's post yesterday, and really felt a resonance. I'm solidly committed to MostlyMeMade clothing in my life already, not just for a particular online challenge, and that may be part of why MMMar feels a bit irrelevant to me. And somehow, there are other challenges in the outer world that feel a more immediate necessity for me to focus on.

Now mind, this doesn't mean a sudden change in my behavior or habits. I'll keep on sewing, and cooking, and preserving, and making, because that is what I do and who I am... As in the essay that Sigrid referenced, making for ourselves is a kind of revolutionary act, or as I myself told a former housemate who was berating me for being apolitical: my politics is in the actions of my daily life, the choices made there are what really changes the world...


  1. Although I am not doing MMM I do relate to your feelings.I feel like I really should not complain about the rain,giving up on certain projects ect when there are other fellow humans living under such pressure.The state of the world has made me very very grateful for the simplest things.

  2. I decided not to take a photo everyday and that helped improve my attitude a lot. For some reason, I find it really tiresome.

    I love your last quote. I guess we all have to do things our own way. To some people we might look apathetic, but we are trying to walk the walk.