Thursday, February 3, 2011

valentines day

It's never really been my holiday. As a young adult, my parents sent me valentines from "a secret admirer", which were pretty much the only ones ever to grace my mailbox. Lest that sound too terribly sad, remember that my taste does not run to the conventionally romantic. The guy who gave me a box of candy didn't pay enough attention to realise that chocolate is not an Alison treat... On the other hand, the sweetie who gave me an electric drill as a gift noticed what would make my life better (and twenty-five years later I still use the drill, and remember him fondly).

That said, this little movie is so very whimsical, combining both stop-motion animation and a clever DIY idea... (plus cupcakes, which are almost as good as bacon for making everything a bit better).


  1. Cute video; thanks for sharing.

  2. Valentines Day is my favorite holiday mostly because I love vintage valentines.
    I loved the video and will remember the DIY idea as well.