Friday, February 11, 2011

textile time

Has there been a dearth of fabric-related writing here lately? It is just a matter of time before my hands want to find their way back to the land of textiles...
Wait for it, and eventually, there will be more sewing - this news just in, in just over six weeks it will be "Me Made March - 2011". Yes, Zoe is back, inspiring stitchers worldwide to new heights. And how could I resist joining in once again, as last years challenges were so much fun. And with six weeks to prepare, as well as the clothing from last year, it should be doable and not onerous. Though I had been intending to do SWAP 2011, my enthusiasm just was not there somehow, but this (M3) will allow me to focus my sewing on filling in the gaps in my clothing choices for the year.

Looking in my closet, what is really missing is light summer dresses (yeah, I know, in March?!?) but they could be made now, and worn layered. The other thing I need is some new spiffy lingerie, (not that I'll be posting pictures of that online mind you!)

I, Alison, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March '11. I endeavor to wear all self-made clothing (except for shoes and socks) each day for the duration of March 2011. I will restock my lingerie drawer with new dainties to wear and update my closet with new summer dresses.
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Most of the time, photos of me look nothing like either the way I see myself in my mind's eye, or even what I see in the mirror; I'm really happy with these pictures, the congruence of both interesting lighting and a dear and clever friend with a good eye for imagery.


  1. Have fun!
    Though, if I were to sign up, I'd be wearing square dance and SCA clothes all month! I simply don't make modern clothes anymore. =)

  2. If'n I didn't make my own clothing (given the body that I live in and the budget that I have) I'd be doomed to wear clothes both ugly and uncomfortable. Instead, by sewing for myself, I can have clothing that is as comfortable and whimsical as I desire, that makes me smile when I wear it. I pretty much make all my clothes save shoes and socks.