Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunday randomness

The red velvet vegan beet cake is very red; the batter was an amazing color, somewhere between cerise and burgundy. The cake baked up quite red indeed...
with a texture remarkably cake-like, given that there is neither eggs or butter in the ingredient list
and was a surprisingly popular comestible at today's Crafternoon. The consensus was that it was not really chocolate-y, but that it also did not taste like beets, and would, in fact, be a good way to use up an excess of those magenta roots...
the cake contains 2c pureed steamed beets, and none of the pictures have had any processing other than cropping the edges, and really is that red, (closer to picture #3, not sure why the first two are somewhat more of an orange-red)
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Those who have been to Acorn Cottage know that there is a Goodwill on a nearby corner, which is rather handy for browsing. One of many things on the mental List of To-Find has been an iron with an uncoated metal sole plate. Last week my patient stalking was rewarded: a new-in-box vintage GE iron, old enough that the plug end was unpolarised! Not only does it have the desirable feature, but it weighs at least twice as much as my current iron. Why is this a good thing? A weighty iron can actually press fabric, without needing as much effort from the plucky seamstress herself. (It is all about letting the tool do the work)
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On the advice of Duchess Mari I ordered some linen from I must say, I am impressed. Ordered it on the 3rd, and by the middle of the day on the 5th, there was a box on my doorstep full of linen. Thinking it might now be necessary to revise my statement about fast and slow, as well as sewing machines and internet connection, postal delivery is better fast, though my preference in all else is still sweet and slow...

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  1. Glad to hear about your experience with Fabric Store. I ordered swatches from them for unbleached linen because I need something like *60 yards* to make curtains for my bungalow living room. One of these I'll catch a sale.