Wednesday, February 16, 2011

snow and sunshine

It was too quiet this morning, and looking out the window, fat snowflakes were falling. Fortunately it is too warm for snow to stick, as there is snow forecast on and off for the next few days. My hens are no fonder of snow than myself, so they were quite pleased when later in the day, the sunshine blanketed the backyard. Only getting a little more than one egg a day still, but every bit helps...
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Found out today that the library lets you download music for free, only three songs a week, but still, FREE!  I was able to find Quah by Jorma Kaukonen (which was a beloved coming-down album), downloaded "Genesis" (track 1) and look forward to finding other treats, (though it will take months to download even one album, and there are plenty of my old favorites that are far too obscure to be found there) I also snagged "Life Slips Away" by Clint Black, and "Portland Woman" by New Riders...

later edit : well that only sort of worked, I must not have done it correctly... though it appears to have downloaded the songs into iTunes, iTunes can't find them to play them. Humph! now will have to wait a week to try again... dang, was particularly looking forward to listening to the song from Quah, as it is most happy-calm-making...
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Still sick, gorram sore throat will not give up... got tested with the spiffy 6 minute strep test and I'm negative for strep-A, but golly I sure would like to feel like myself again. Not too bad in the mornings, but the later in the day it gets the worse my throat feels. grump grump grump

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  1. I know you were just asking for tech help, but it sounds like you need someone to teach you about torrents... you'll never run out of music again!