Friday, February 18, 2011

random Thursday thoughts...

Today, out walking to the post office and library, this vivid facade caught my eye...
and just a few blocks away, there is a carved stone hand, holding an open book ...
with the pages covered with relief carvings depicting aspects of the neighborhood...

(isn't it interesting that "relief" means at least two things, to ease, as in relief from pain, and a contoured texture as in creating a design in relief)
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Last evening Khalja gave me a most useful small gift, a scissors condom! This small leather sheath will be a much classier way to protect my modern snips than the former iteration - stuffing the points into the middle of a discarded thread spool! Since there is a fair bit of handsewing happening currently here at Acorn Cottage, and more in the foreseeable future, this will see a lot of use.
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Still with the gorram sore throat, very tiresome, plus the new delight "wake-up-coughing"... bah I say! Fortunately I don't get sick often, since I do it so very badly. Today oh-so-boringly, a three hour nap in the middle of the day (helping to make up for my in the middle of the late night online chat habit)
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The creativity keeps springing up in varied and unexpected ways, like random early springtime blossoms at the edges of the flower beds... not sure I remember planting this, but the beauty brings a smile to my day and warmth to my heart. Five new poems in the last month, and the seeds of new artwork are germinating, after the long drought this is very welcome. Doesn't mean that there will be no sewing or knitting happening here, but variety is good, in most all things.
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and here are some of the signs of springtime seen on my walks...




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