Sunday, February 20, 2011

make do and mend + Sunday snippets

Today's project, to repair and reconfigure my rain jacket... it is about ten years old, and was a pass-along rather than something bought specifically for me. I'm pretty sure that it is not a woman's jacket, as there are no hips, which has made it rather difficult to close the front zip.

Hard to believe that I've been wearing it that way for so long, but just a few days ago, it occurred to me... D'oh! I could fix this! A bit of Goretex, a bit of nylon lining fabric, and a couple of yards of seam seal tape...

Once the seam between the lining and the jacket face was open, it was possible to replace the failed seam-seals, as well as to add in triangular hip gores to reshape the jacket to cover my curvy parts. While the raincoat project will still eventually happen, my hope is that this repair will give me a few more years of service from this jacket as well.
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Had a really fun visit with my friend C this weekend, we'd not been able to spend time together for years, so her visit here was a real treat! Lots of girl-talk-time, and the necessary trip to go eat sushi at Sushi Ichiban. Methinks the agedashi tofu might just have been the thing that has finally sent my sore throat away - hot broth with lots of ginger and green onions, piled high with tiny fried tofu cubes, yum!
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Sigh, my clumsy elbow knocked my big blue pitcher off the countertop, where it crashed and smashed on the concrete kitchen floor... in the hope of finding a replacement, C and I made a quick Ikea run, since it had originally been acquired there. Alas, not only was there nothing similar, but there were no big pitchers at all! Perhaps something suitable will turn up at Goodwill, or if not, there is always the chance that the spring pottery sale will surprise me with the perfect one (assuming there is anything left in the piggy-bank after paying taxes)
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The generosity of the blogworld is always so cheering. This week a japanese pattern book arrived in my mailbox, courtesy of Sigrid over at Analog Me. She had been running a contest for the most inspiring acronym, and I submitted YOMABOW :
"YOMABOW" (year of making a body of work) is my intent and hope for 2011. Last year I somehow managed to mostly ignore my artwork in favor of sewing and knitting, so this year I will be getting back into the workroom and returning to my metalworking and enameling artisanry. I've made a start on YOMABOW with this small talisman pendant. My goal is one small new piece each month.

a favorite acronym that I did not invent is "SMART" goals, which I ran across while reading The Greening of Gavin: SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely
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Lastly, decided to go ahead and put my rug down on the living room floor. It has been rolled up under the bed for the last few years, and has been sorely missed. It originally was a wedding gift (in the 30's of last century) to my Nana, and I've very early memories of sitting on the floor at her house following the patterns along the bands of designs. Life is too short and uncertain to put things aside for "somedays when the time is right" - this way the rug will bring me joy every time I walk through the front door...

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  1. I am so glad you put the rug down after our talk,like you said life is short, why wait.It looks lovely and really pulls your room together nicely.