Saturday, January 1, 2011

moving forward

Having the categorical division of infrastructure, handicraft and kindness seemed to work rather well for me in 2010, though the results were more unbalanced than initially hoped for. The long list of goals in 2009 was inspiring but overwhelming; in truth, most of those are still undone, both the tasks and the treats...

There are many projects here that only require my effort, the materials and knowledge are already available. Less time online and more time in the workroom will improve daily life in innumerable ways. With that in mind, my concept for 2011 is to combine the three categories with some defined behavior changes in each one:

infrastructure: a minimum of half an hour of effort each day
main areas of focus this year: building garden beds, and the associated water systems, and outdoor alternative cooking facilities

handicraft: a minimum of an hour of effort each day
main areas of focus this year: a body of work in metal and enamel, and filling out the necessary clothing

a minimum of one hour walk each morning
main area of focus this year: improvement of personal health
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

So... there is still time tonight for an hour and a half of enjoyable effort, as well as getting ready for tomorrows Crafternoon. Dishes need washed, some vegan quincemeat tartlets need baked, and a start made on the new livingroom curtains.

The Lan Su Chinese Garden is beautiful in all seasons, and for the next eight days, admission is free. Last January it was a delightful and memorable excursion, and being right downtown, easily accessible. Anyone want to go with me?


  1. They sound like good goals; I hope you're successful. I am rarely successful when I try to make resolutions.

  2. goals seemed to work last year, we'll have to see if this variation is too much like resolutions, or if it is just enough focus to encourage steady progress

  3. I love the goals! I can't wait to see what you do with your infrastructure one, particularly the outdoor cooking facilities. Here's to 2011!