Friday, November 5, 2010


Between all the other doings here, studio work has been happening, and somehow, the idea of a kind of chatelaine/sheath started percolating... This is only a rough prototype, worked out last night after putting the rest of the studio to bed, but I wanted to have it in time for Knitfest use and feedback.

the prototype

My idea is to have a way to carry along the most useful tools, a kind of modern chatelaine, similar to the way that Viking womens tools were carried hanging from brooches and belt. I've wanted a snips case necklace for ages, and the knitting needle size-gauge makes a beautiful, and useful, pendant decoration. I used 16ga brass wire and an old necklace to try out the idea; if it works well over the weekend, I'll make a more permanent arrangement, maybe with some decorative beads...

snips, and their holder

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  1. That is wicked smart! Applying a new twist to an old idea.Are you making them for a Craft Sale perchance?