Wednesday, November 24, 2010

commode-ious seating

instead of a handle on the side, it has a button on the top,
with a dual flush option, 1.1 or 1.6 gallons...

from this
to this
I know that the angle is not quite the same, but can you see the difference in how the water line connects? New Commode is several inches taller, which is much easier on back and knees. The inside is fully glazed, unlike Cranky Commode, and the water pathway is well designed, according to the plumber (who when he saw old Cranky, said "oh, those had some real problems...") The other thing that is quite pleasing to me is that the basic design of the new one is much more visually clean, the shapes have no extraneous jig-jogs, which was a subtly annoying thing about the old one.
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Just like the song says...I will get by
There is certainly enough wool here to keep me warm, and the two space heaters if the furnace cannot be cajoled into function enough till after Thursday, + my friend/neighbor M came by and gave me a key to their house, which has a toasty woodstove...

This weather is bringing back memories of my winter in Ida-hell, only there we did have a woodstove, and plenty of firewood. Life is soooo much better here. I don't miss running and slip-sliding on the ice to the outdoor privy. I don't miss sledging in drinking water. I don't miss being so very abysmally lonesome. I certainly don't miss hearing the Federal choppers overhead*...

For all the challenges of Acorn Cottage at times, living here is a joy. I count my blessings every day, for the friends and family that I have, the delightful city that I live in, and the home that shelters me. Probably no one who has been homeless ever takes having a home for granted. I sure don't!

Called around about getting the furnace looked at later this week, whoo hoo life is so exciting! Seems to be a standard ninety dollar fee for having a technician come out to the house and diagnose the problem. (Crossed fingers for something less than replacement). One place I called made a good point, that it will be most helpful if the furnace actually does the annoying thing when the tech is there; it is almost impossible to diagnose something intermittent when it is not happening.

Didn't know till last night that if it gets too cold, the smoke alarm will start to chirp, just like if it needs a new battery, only it doesn't.
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The CanJam food for December is dried fruit. I'm guessing that not all dried fruit is safely acidic enough to use as is for canning. The FDA has a website of pH values for commonly canned foods, and the best I can figure (from what is there) is that fruit becomes somewhat less acidic when dried. I've an idea in mind for December, based on a recipe in How to Be A Domestic Goddess. Time now to go an make a new batch of Awesome Sauce...
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*Ruby Ridge was the next ridge over from where I was living that winter

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