Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wishful Wednesday: Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day, and like many others I am wearing purple, as a comment about the current upswing in suicide, young people bullied for being gay are dying, this is not okay. There are various efforts being made both online and off, to try to change things, to let those trapped in their lives know that if you can hang gets better.

I'm not really sure what wearing purple will change, but it feels a bit like the black armbands we wore back when I was in high school (when rocks were soft) and we were trying to end our involvement in the Vietnam War. I had to really look to find something purple to wear, my clothing is mostly indigo and black, but finally found one t-shirt... there were several folks on the bus to work that were also wearing purple, and here and there on the street, but I saw the most on the workers at my beloved local grocery store, the Arbor Lodge New Seasons.

I was bullied a lot by my "peers" while growing up, both verbally and physically, and it hurt a lot. Hurt my sense of who I was, hurt my body when I was harmed, hurt my belief in my right to be a part of the world. If I'd not had an escape, not had a kindly family, I too might have decided that leaving life behind was a better option.

My friend MRW said on Facebook today: "I think we ought to be wearing purple to show our OPPOSITION to all forms of Hate and Abuse against ANYBODY for ANY REASON! Hate, intolerance, and abuse destroy lives, and damage our entire society! Let's all try to be just a bit more tolerant, and celebrate the diversity in our lives!"

So my wish for this Wednesday is for an end to bullying. We are all individuals, we are not all the same, but we are all precious and wonderful; the work of the world needs us all, gay, straight, bi, neuter, partnered or single...we all have a home on this tiny planet, let's do what we can to live together in harmony

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  1. Beautiful posts and I strongly agree.

    Karendee on SG.