Friday, September 10, 2010

S3 - day10

Thinking about adding images each day of my jewelry for that day, since there is not a whole lot of variety in my clothing, until more sewing-for-me time happens... and wearing jewelry more often is a personal goal, seems odd that someone who makes jewelry wears is so rarely.

So - today's clothing: the blue ikat pinafore dress, with the grey knit twist front top. Todays jewelry: a necklace of glass eye beads, strung with cobalt crow beads, a few blue egyptian paste* beads, and an assortment of matte and polished black glass beads.

Most of the eye beads are actually me-made also, though there are three that were made by other artists. Glass beadmaking is the opposite of my enameling; the enamels are all highly structured and planned ahead, while the beads are worked with the glass in a fluid state. The earrings are ones that I assembled from components made by other artisans, the small beads covered with blue eyes came from one of the vendors at the yearly glass and bead show that happens at the same time as the pottery show, and the raku leaves were from an artist in Olympia.

* also known as faience. Here is a better description, and here is a blog of folks working with it. Long years ago, when in middle school, I made beads of this in the ceramics class one year.

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  1. You have some gorgeous bobbles some of which my inner Raven considers snatching when ever I see them.I am glad you have decided to wear them more often,it makes Raven me feel like they are not just gathering dust.