Friday, September 17, 2010

s3 - day 17

Today, as the weather may be rather muggy, I wanted to wear layers that I could remove if necessary (today being a charlady day for me). this is a great example of why I do not wear the commonly favored "separates". Personally I like the way I look much more in clothing that looks not chopped in half near my waist, hence my favorite pinafore/jumpers.

The knit top is pieced together from coordinating fabrics, the only part I really like is the stencilled decoration, which says "akita dog" in kanji. As I've lost that stencil, and want to use the image again on one of my pinafores, another will need to be made, this time I'll probably make a three color stencil for the dog, to get some shading. I'm wearing the top over my navy corduroy jumper, to give the effect of a skirt*, but it isn't really working, the top looks too bunchy to me, maybe because my clothing is getting just a tiny bit looser, since I have lost eight pounds.
These earrings are the largest in my collection of acorn earrings, but as they are mostly empty space, they are delightfully lightweight. The acorns are vintage lucite beads, and the oak-leaves are simply shaped and soldered silver wire, very slightly hammered to harden the metal. This is a technique that was one of the very first I learned as a young adult, when first learning metalwork.

*My thought is that if, in the future, I want a skirt analog, making a sleeveless dress, with the top being a very thin batiste fabric might be the way to go. Skirts are not a favorite garment, since as long as I can remember I have HATED the sensation of a waistband; my tactile sensitivity is about equivalent to my supertaster loathing of bitter flavors. I jokingly say that artistic > autistic = just change one letter...

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  1. Good skirt idea. I have a 1920s skirt that hangs loosely from a slip top. It's very comfortable and hangs really straight.