Saturday, September 11, 2010

head for the hills + S3 day 11 which our plucky heroine decides that it is time to tackle Mt. Dishmore. Y'know, to start getting in shape for the taller hills, like Mt. Washmore, and the bane of all those of jackdaw nature, Mt. Cluttermore. Fortunately for me, the first two are really only small foothills...

So today, the cool greyish morning inspired me to wear the grey split-cowl rayon top with the blue corduroy pinafore. If it warms up later, something lighter will be easy to pop on. I'll be home all day, since my buddy R is having a yard sale here at Acorn Cottage today. The necklace for today is one that I made from beads that she made for me, as part of a convoluted skillful handwork swap. Can you tell that eye beads are a favorite of mine? I've re-strung this necklace once already, and will probably do so again soon, not for any reason other than it is fun to come up with different arrangements of something so very delicious. Eye candy indeed!
The earrings for today are ones that get worn almost every other day. They are based on a design from the ancient Scythian nomadic culture This pair was made back when living in Olympia, and sharing a studio* with B. As his earliest training in metalwork was blacksmithing, he is much more attuned to what the hammer can do to shape metal; when I admired this design, he offered to guide me in making a pair of my own. The shape is just so very graceful, and the tiny granule pyramids that decorate the edge make me very happy. The earrings were not a simple project though, and if anyone wants a similar pair**, I suggest that they contact him directly.

* Bill Dawson Metalsmith
** pictures of earrings here (scroll down the page)


  1. Sending hugs just because and to tell you I heart those awesome silver earrings.


  2. Oh baby,there's those earrings that are the hardest thing for Raven me not to grab! When I win the lotto I will order a pair of my own.I suppose that means I would have to buy a ticket. :)