Thursday, August 26, 2010

glorybower days

Last year there were only one or two flower clusters, but this year there are enough to begin to see what it will look like as it grows up. One of the plants specifically sought, found at the recycled plant nursery in Hillsboro (which is no longer there), and planted near to the front doorway, so as to bring small joy often. This is the plant that I smelled walked past years ago, in a different Portland neighborhood (long before living here), and shamelessly picked a leaf and blossom, so as to try and identify it. Why, because it smells astonishingly wonderful. After much calling of nurseries, talking to plantly friends, and perusing of books, it was finally identified as Clerodendrum trichotomum (common name Harlequin Glorybower) Perhaps this year there will be some of the metallic blue "berries" that look like alien fruit.
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The cooler weather is inspiring me to move forward with many of the projects that are unfinished around here; hot weather is so enervating that simply managing to get to work and home again is challenge enough. But give me a cool-ish day with grey-ish sky and it is good to go. Next up after the demo prep will be more painting (porch primer finished, and the bathroom paint, which has been sitting under the cupboard for the last three years, could go on the walls), and the wood trim in the kitchen attached. I want to go into the rainy season with at least one room painted, and the bathroom is the smallest, the basics will take only an hour, and the decorative bits will be possible a little at a time. Getting the beautiful pot-rack up on the wall is another thing that will really make the kitchen more functional. That is a two or three person project, since the oak that it will attach to is pretty heavy, and must be attached to the wall studs first (since the studs are not cleverly lined up with the stove where the pot-rack will live) ...step by step...
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Today, most surprisingly, two men stopped and asked if Nimblefoot was for sale. Now that car has been on the "deal with it sometime" list for a while, and the carport space it takes up would be much better used as a place to barbecue, or to dry clothing under in the wintertime, actually there are several possible and not mutually exclusive uses for that nicely covered space, once the car and the other random bits that are drifted there get dealt with. And the little bit of money from the car will get added to the "buy this cottage a stove fund" I want a gas stove.

I want a white enamel gas stove, that works, safely, with Really Sturdy™ burner grates (not the flimsy ones that are on modern budget stoves). I'd really prefer it to be non-digital, so the stove will work without electricity. I don't care if it has pilot lights, those can be shut off (so as to be more frugal and not have a huge gas bill by running a flame all day and night) and the stove started with a striker. We did that in the Jamaica Plain walkup apartment. I know how to use a flint striker, I've been soldering since I was 14. A stove like this one would be nice...

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to ask Chance about a time to come hang your pot rack! I am writing a note to him about it before I leave for work.
    BTW Apples are a go- 25 cents per pound some organics.