Saturday, August 7, 2010

brought to you by the color blue

It is a good thing that I do not paint houses for a living... Finally got off my duff and started painting the front porch. Thought that, well, I might get the primer coat on this afternoon, and then tomorrow, the actual trim paint. Hah! It is like painting the craggy craters of an toasted english muffin. The underside of my porch roof makes me happy, because the structure is all visible, but dang that means that there is more cutting-in than actual straightforward painting, and almost all of it (while on a stepladder) up over my head. After somewhere between three and four hours, two of the eight ceiling "bays" are primed, and the inside side of the front. At this rate it will take me at least another three days to just get the primer done.

Though today was not all that hot, the humidity made it feel steamy. Fortunately there was actually a bit of a breeze, between the times when it actually spit raindrops for a few moments. Given the summertime weather, painting by hand, with brush and roller, is actually not a bad option. The primer, (and the two colors of porch paint) all come from the Metro Recycled Paint facility down at Swan Island. I've been really happy with the quality of their paint, the porch will be dark blue, like the rest of the trim on Acorn Cottage, and the ceiling will be light sky blue. I'm thinking about painting just the very underside of the rafters dark blue also. (If my arms don't fall off, the plan is to also paint the ceiling of the front walkway the same sky blue; that will be MUCH easier, since that is an actual ceiling, as in flat, just cut in around the four edges and roller away flat...)

Yet another Goodwill goody today - I can has blue suede shoes! - a new, unworn pair of Birkenstock "Tatami" clogs, in my size (this is a picture of a similar shoe, but my pair is stitched and trimmed in dark blue, eversomuch nicer with the blue suede) Very suitable to coordinate with my autumn clothing, all grey and blue and black, and at $7.99 the price was suitable too.

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  1. I'm jealous of your shoes!!! Now you can go dancin'! Wish the thrift stores in my area had fun treasures like that!