Monday, July 5, 2010

mend-it Monday

The worktable in the studio is all cleared off of non-studio bits. There are little sketches, and scraps of cloisonne wire, and tiny bowls of enamel. Of course, now that it will be summer for real, I will be enameling a few things. Perhaps becoming nocturnal will help...
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One thing was begun beforehand though. "Termite" the rescue dog not only chewed up the living room, she also chewed up my knitting tote, a wood X-framed vintage carryall much the worse now for meeting Akita teeth. Rather than send it up the street to Goodwill, (where it came from a few years ago), some paint and new fabric will hopefully add years more usefulness.

The paint is necessary as there were chunks missing from the framework, more than could simply be sanded down; my trusty tube of wood filler putty is almost empty now. As this year continues to be about use-what-is-here, and there are many small jars and large cans of paint to choose from, a dark chocolate brown will look somewhat similar to the original woodgrain.

The construction of the fabric tote that fits the frame is rather quirky, and requires quite a lot of hand sewing, but once completed, it is a Clever Thing. Rather than try to re-use the floral barkcloth, a heavy textured cotton shirt (from the scraps bin), patterned in cream on faded indigo, will make a nice change.
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Done with the mowing, for the moment, the whole yard is somewhat accessible now, with much weeding still to do, probably in the early mornings. The feral roses tried to attack me, as they have sprawled every which way, must find out how best to keep them cut back a bit, encouraged to stay closer to the fenceline. Hopefully tomorrow the OSU Extension Service will be answering the phones, I really want to find out how to distinguish juvenile poison hemlock from the harmless Queen Annes Lace. There are lots of small feathery things growing in the yard...
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For some reason, to me, having multiple garments made from the same pattern is extremely satisfying rather than boring. Once the Japanese pattern was adapted, it looks to be a kind of perfect summer dress, the kind to drop over your head in the morning and forget about. There are only three more dresslengths of rayon in the whole stash - one dark red?!?, one kind of lilac/cornflower faille, and one greeny/indigo batik of moons and clouds.

But there were smaller bits, (the sewing stash is almost all smaller bits {sigh}, though my personal style now really wants to be whole cloth rather than all colorblock and patchworky) Chose three rather pastel/Jordan almond colored rayon prints and made up another naniIRO style dress. It shows the added triangular gores in the front and at the sides rather well. Compared to the first dress, it looks a lot more funky, and will be only ever a summer dress, since those are so not my colors. But when the mercury rises, beggars can't be choosers, and the light rayon will be comfortable. I just might make up the other two blue rayon fabrics into this style as well, those will make Useful Overdresses later in the year...

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  1. Love it ! You look to be about my size...want to part with it? B.