Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I am afraid... that I'm not a very good now-ist. Somewhat obsessively looking up the weather forecast for this coming week, rather than simply doing what it takes to get through. Feeling rather beseiged by the high pressure system that will be keeping the temperature ramping up and up and up towards the triple digits, not that I ever welcome summertime hot and sunny, but to jump more than thirty degrees in one week! (If a loud cracking sound is heard, that is home and head suffering thermal shock)

Today, some nice crafty hanging out with neighbor M. While she worked on carving a wooden spoon, and fed me tasty homegrown salad with borage flowers, various of my projects were moved forward: the last spiral on the embroidered hem band for the grey corduroy jumper was finished, pieces cut out to finish repairing the knitting tote, hem band cut out to lengthen the kokka dress, and much pelican wirebending was done.

Eversomuch nicer to have company while doing handwork. When she had to leave to go pick up K from work, I headed back home down the street in the sunny heat. Checked on the hens, they have water, and shade, and took in the laundry which was dry dry dry. Just that much time outside was enough to give me a walloping headache, but after a bit of a liedown in the mylar darkened bedroom with the fan on, equanimity was restored.

I am brave... at twilight, sometime around 9:30, when the thermometer on the front porch had gone down to 78, it was time to head to the store and gather provisions for the next few days, since it was probably the best chance to ride to the store in relative comfort. Found out that summer hours at New Season are 8 to 11, which means that future store runs can be done in the earliest AM, but now the tiny fridge here at Acorn Cottage has a half cantaloupe, and a quarter watermelon, and some valencia oranges for cold orange-ade, as well as ingredients for cold salads. Eventually the thrill of riding my bike to go shopping will fade, but hasn't yet... (Grateful I am to A, who gifted me not only with the bliinky LED light for evening safety, but also with the folding wire panniers that make toting things possible)

I am a wimp... I told the nice lady behind the meat counter at New Seasons that I wanted to simply move in there for the next few days, the store is cool, they have food, and magazines, and really I could just curl up and sleep in the deli seating area at night... or maybe just ride the bus all day, most transit is air conditioned... or maybe the library, hmmm books and computers... but realistically, there is work and projects that must needs done, errands to run, eggs to collect and plants to keep watered...

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  1. I'm with you on being a heat wimp. I think we'll be sleeping in the basement once we return. Adding cooling is on our short list of house projects!