Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wishful Wednesday: record and playback+ sewing chatter

I know I tried before to wish for a small tape recorder to record myself speaking, for a self help project that I want to try, and it seems that cassette recorders are obsolete technology. (I know my current ancient boom box is held together with duct tape and cardboard, and never had a microphone option...)

Sooo... my Wishful Question is does anyone have a Clever Idea of how I could do this... What I want to do, is record myself reading some "instructions" (kind of like a guided meditation) and be able to play them back to myself, allowing for pauses to think about the various parts.

I'm open for suggestions...
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Planning ahead, there will be another month-long challenge for wearing self-sewn clothing later this year. Zoe has suggested that this autumn (September) is the time for...

More dresses will be needed, so summertime sewing will proceed on an ongoing basis; I have plans, and fabric, for five more, which will make getting dressed so much easier. The process of planning and activity of sewing is the part I enjoy, I don't like having to think about what to wear every day, which is explains the "uniform-ness" of my attire. I'm considering making a pair of overalls for garden and other grubby activities; overalls are a lot of work to make, almost as much as a coat, but the ones I've had in the past were worn often, so much so that they wore out...
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I've decided to join the Japanese pattern sew-along here... though I'll certainly need to alter the bodice, since I am not built anything like a slender Japanese maiden! (here is the PDF of the free pattern) It should be educational to use just the diagram to create a garment, and I am always interested in adding different neckline treatments to my repertoire, that being a good and useful way to add variety to my staple patterns.

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  1. Have you tried recording with your computer? Many computers have a built-in microphone. If yours does not, you can get one to plug in super cheap (less than $10). That's probably your cheapest and best option.

    You're a better woman than me to do that sew-along! I'm a real beginner, so it's too scary for me. I'll be a spectator this round and cheer for you. :)