Monday, June 21, 2010

slow bounce back + media Monday

Mount Dishmore is all washed and mostly put away. A not-rainy day means that Mount Lotsalaundry is mostly now on the clothesline. Still drinking plenty of Emergen-C, but wondering how much of this feeling-like-crap is related to the vast quantity of weedy grasses in bloom in the backyard. With that idea, about two hours of weed whacker and lawn mower and a third of the backyard is now mown down flat. Of course, after that I was down flat too! Two more days, and the heaps and lumps and random crap useful (garden soil) and not theoretically useful things scattered under the overgrowth will be visible and can be dealt with. There might need to be a run to the Rebuilding Center and to the transfer station at some point.

Southside neighbor, whose baby daughter has the delightful name of Samara, (Samara loves to watch the hens, and showed up at the back fence whilst I was mowing) offered me a roll of sturdy wire fencing that was left in their attic. That will be VERY HELPFUL with the backyard "remodel" and will allow for making more hen-wrangling panels. The intent is for eventual rotational grazing of hens in the parts of the yard that are not food plants or where the clothesline will be.
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Not quite ten weeks till Self-Stitched-September. It's wonderful having an assortment of summer dresses in the closet. The plan is to continue sewing steadily all summer, next up is the last one of my basic dress, in blue chambray. After that I'll be trying out the naniIRO pattern in rayon, and then it is on to jumpers. Betwixt and between, if I find or scavenge suitable fabric, a few more knit tops might be added to the mix. They are incredibly fast to sew, (but nice knit fabric is hard to find and spendy) I did finish this slightly goofy casual top yesterday, the color looks much more accurate in daylight.

When I was at Ikea today with A (yay! new clothespins, and a pot lid rack, and a $2 cotton jersey crib sheet from as-is that will make sleeves for the "Team Fine" t-shirt conversion), the cashier when we were leaving was so very complimentary about my design that she actually called over another cashier to come see what I'd done with a Sharpie. Really, is it so very odd to draw on fabric?
the two fabrics join at mid-sleeve
munkimunki + sharpie doodles

new long sleeve knit top
grey chambray jumper
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the incredible beauty of number and pattern...

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  1. All of your sewing and my fruitless shopping trips for new shirts/tops is motivating me to actually make myself some tops. Could be I end up with oh-my-goodness....some clothes that I like and are styles that look far more spendy than they will be.