Wednesday, June 30, 2010

kibbles n bits

Tonight was the debut of our actual Neighborly Roundtable - the table set out on the corner for folks to come and share the bounty, whatever it is, of our local yards... and it was quite the success!

The corner neighbors (M & Co) went around the local blocks tucking sweet little notices into doorways so that there was some pre-Wednesday evening publicity. A few more neighbors came by, lots of chatting, lots of sharing: lettuces and greens, raspberries, homegrown flower bouquets, tart green apples, celery starts, a few recipes... As the Acorn Cottage garden scene is rather nil right now, but the fresh herbs are doing well, I made up mixed herb bundles to share. There is a planned pickling workshop later this summer, and some of us will be doing a fruit jam canning shindig sometime soon.
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V had asked me to come along to the Dragonsmist SCA demo at the Hillsboro Farmers Market last night. Brought cloisonne wire-bending as a demo craft, and while not the most eye-catching of activities, not only were there a few interesting conversations, but the three hours in social company ended up being quite productive; the wires for one of the pelican medallions are completely prepared! Yay!

Hadn't ever been to that market before, quite far from home (for me) it is an big weekday evening event, and with a different demographic and a different mix of vendors. Who knew that there was an active olive mill and orchard, with over 11,000 trees planted in the last six years, located about 25 miles from Portland?!? Artisan prices of course, but still a good local resource.

Ended up talking a bit with R about sauerkraut, and now am eager to try making some. Apparently homemade is very different from the canned stuff, and it is a quick ferment/culture that sounds rather accessible. Cabbage, a little salt, and some live culture whey of some kind (that clear liquid that seeps from yogurt should work...
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Thanks to the creative minds of my friends, I've several new ideas for salvaging the "bluu-muu-muu" japanese wanapi dress. Not sure yet what direction to go, but no longer feeling stuck... even thought of a rather steampunkish variation, not really suitable to the current fabric, but an interesting idea to keep in the style database inside my head.

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  1. Kraut is super easy.We did not use any whey in ours and it came out really good.