Thursday, May 6, 2010

M3 - day 6

blue cotton gauze T-shirt

grey chambray jumper

blue denim jacket

grey Polartec socks

eye-bead & enamel necklace

denim sunhat
Not all that different from day 1, though with a different lighter weight shirt. The exciting thing is that I made a sunhat today, using this pattern. I don't follow the construction instructions though, since I like using bias binding to finish the hat brim. I also tried a different way of attaching the crown of the hat to the brim, and it made a smoother join, though it was a real pain and I broke two sewing machine needles. I am very happy with the new hat, and transferred all my blue felt and fabric hat flowers. So if the sunshine comes to visit, I'm ready...


  1. Cute hat! I love the pattern of the denim.

  2. Thanks, I had two pieces of interesting denim, this one and some that had alphabet letters, which is used in the denim jacket that I have been wearing. It was sold/intended as upholstery fabric, and since it is 100% cotton, works well for any heavy denim use. I always look in that section of a fabric store, as there are sometimes real gems there.