Wednesday, May 12, 2010

M3 - day 12

grey print popover dress
grey print popover dress

black silk noil jumper

grey Polartec cloth socks
Last night I finished the new popover dress... a fun Ikea fabric, the print is all tree leaves and has acorns in various sizes. I'm pretty happy with how I was able to get the upper bodice and shoulders to fit, not perfect, but much better.

I'm thinking that this may become a go-to summer dress pattern, it is relatively fast to make and easy to wear. The bodice is an adapted variant on an OOP Vogue pattern #2545 (I changed the location and the angle of the shoulders, moved them inwards about two inches, and a bunch of other smaller changes); I drafted the sleeve and skirt gore patterns. I have at least three other dress lengths of summerweight cotton, a charcoal chambray, a black with grey polkadots, and an indigo random ikat, all of which will be suitable. (I also have some two tone mid-blue stripe which could be either inspired or aweful, I'll have to ponder that one...)

But since it is not yet quite summertime, with the temperature bouncing around every day, I'll wear it as an underdress. I'm thinking that this would look better with some jewelry, or dare I say a shoulder shawl, as is it seems a little stark. It's interesting how thigs look different in a photo than when looking with my live eyes; I noticed that when photographing the interior of Acorn Cottage several years ago, and it certainly seems to be the case here. This feels a bit obsessive taking pictures of my clothes for a month, though the change in perspective may be useful. Probably as close as I can get to seeing the outside of me as others do...


  1. I'm loving all your outfits! Grrranimals...

  2. That's funny Grranimals!

    Alison, bobbles are ALWAYS a good choice even when weeding the garden bobbles are a must.And you have some really amazing pieces as well so flaunt them.