Monday, May 10, 2010

M3 - day 10, + media Monday

striped grey flannel top

blue corduroy jumper

black velour leggings

Last night the corduroy jumper was finally finished, not all that different from any of my other jumpers, just a darker blue, and the patchy trim on the hem edge is brand new. At our Crafternoon swap last month, the dark blue corduroy was one of the goodies that ended up here, swapped for some plum colored silk. What can I say, the silk had been in my stash for over ten years, and as soon as I saw the corduroy I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

{edited to correct on Wednesday AM: I was obviously not awake when I put this outfit together, the handknit wool Daybreak shawl was not made by me, but was part of the "Wee Warm Wishes" swap I participated in on Ravelry. I am developing quite a nice collection of "shoulder shawls", but this one is quite special, being the only one that was a gift rather than "made by me" }
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I also braved Ikea this weekend, to pick up a few needed bits (cutting board for the kitchen and a front door mat) and an extra yard of Cecilia. When I visited my folks last year, my mom bought me three lengths of Ikea fabric, the Cecilia was for a shirt, but I'd since decided that a light summer dress would be more useful fun, hence the extra yard. That is now all cut out, ready to be sewn this week; hopefully my experiment with moving the pattern shoulders in two inches will be successful.
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Sometime Sunday afternoon, the rhubarb fairy came to visit... 3/4 of a pound left in a baggie by the front door, no note, very mysterious and very welcome. After all, this month's CanJam is just around the corner, and the frozen strawberries left from last summer are lonely for their tangy friend.
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More knitting on the bus, the long trip out to Cascade Station was a good chance to make progress on my Fess Dancetty shawl. This was good, since the day before a great wave of sleepiness moved through my neighborhood and I ended up falling asleep for 5 (five!!) hours on Saturday afternoon. Talking to neighbors the next day, apparently I wasn't the only one, the sunshine had an odd kind of homeopathic effect. Warm sun, yard work, sleep now!
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That sunshine dried three loads of laundry, as various bits of bedding were cycled through the washer and onto the clothesline. The scent of line-dried cloth is very distinctive, and very delightful, even here in the heart of the city. Last night there was a big pile of dried ready-to-be-folded laundry on the chairs next to the computer desk, and I kept putting off folding it, just because it smelled so wonderful!
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