Thursday, May 27, 2010

she's a little confused...

There is a new 3 year old female Akita underfoot here at Acorn Cottage. I adopted her from the Oregon Humane Society shelter with the approval and screening of the NW Akita Rescue Kennel group. Brought her home yesterday evening, and am thinking that her new name will be Hoshi Akari ("star light"). Compared to Smokey, her fur is much lighter, and more of a very pale taupe than a dark grey. She's only a little shorter, and is currently a little on the chunky side for her size, but who am I to talk? I foresee lots of walks in our future...


  1. YEAH! i am soooo happy u got a new Akita! I am sending down hugs and kisses from Ellie and I with my mom for both of you!

  2. oh darling! This is wonderful news! You are both indeed very fortunate and I'm just tickled.