Friday, April 30, 2010

SWAP fail (not)

I'm not going to make it in time. There is no way I can complete the remaining two garments in one day and have them fit well and be finished properly. Even if I skipped work tomorrow. I'm not going to do quick shoddy job, but rather continue making steady progress anyway...

What I have so far is a transitional season wardrobe: a handknit vest, two jumpers, two knit tops, an embroidered tunic, two blouses and a flannel shirt. Nine garments in four months. A lot more than when I started.

What do I like: I love the knit vest, and the sleeves on the flannel shirt are EXACTLY the length that makes me happy (and I will be using that style and length of sleeve again and again in the future). The clothing that I've made coordinates not only within the (unfinished) SWAP, but with my older clothing as well.

What did I learn: I followed online directions to modify a TNT pattern, and successfully made a twist-front T-shirt. Once I go ahead and make clothing for the size that I actually am, it is much more comfortable; the grey chambray jumper fits me the best because I increased the bodice ease and added more of a FBA). It is obvious that I need still more work on fitting a shirt/blouse to get the shoulders the way I'd really like them. (if only there was a way I could take a class on this, or have a dress form that accurately reflected that area so I could fit it more easily... it is my BIGGEST sewing challenge)

If when I next do a SWAP, the big thing I will do is to start the sewing right away, I will spend less time online and more time at the sewing machine...

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  1. Congrats on making clothes that fit! Most of my clothes don't fit well right now because of the weight loss. Oh well, I'll eventually reach a weight I'm happy with and then I'll buy/make more of a wardrobe. I'd love to get into my SCA cotehardies again!