Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This one seems like a perfect fit...

Earlier this month while wandering around online, I found the blog all buttoned up. Melissa is a local Portland sewer/blogger, and she was inspired by the challenge posted by Zoe of 'So, Zo...' to choose a level of wearing handmade clothing for a month that is a stretch, that pushes your personal envelope a bit further. (Zoe clarifies the challenge a bit more here)

The initial inspiration seems to come from Natalie of MakeShift, a Vancouver artist who spending a year wearing only what she makes herself, from the skin out, everything from undies to shoes. I've been looking back through her archives and really enjoying the very distinctive personal style.

If I do this, the exemption I would grant myself is that I won't include shoes, my feet would never forgive me. But everything else, yes. So one big challenge would be socks/legwear. I am a slow enough knitter that handknit socks won't happen quickly enough for a month of wearing, so maybe cloth hose are the way to go for May. Since I mostly already wear clothing that I make, this just might get me to finish up my SWAP, which I've somehow lost the mojo for.

I still definitely need dresses and jumpers, but perhaps would best be served by making a raincoat. I currently have a Goretex jacket, rather shabby after almost ten years of wear, but it doesn't fit well either, being made for a person with much smaller hips. I have a pattern for a nicely flared princess seamed coat that would make a great raincoat, and some black London Fog raincoat fabric that has been aging in my stash for about twenty years. Could be an opportunity to learn to use a tripod to take self timed portrait pictures too, which is on my list of learn to do things.

Well, back to housecleaning and making stuff for the sale this weekend...

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  1. Hi Alison, sounds like you have quite a few unique personal challenges there to overcome as part of Me-Made-May. I wish you lots of luck with them. Making a raincoat sounds like the perfect project for your rainy neck of the woods! All the best
    Zoe x