Monday, April 26, 2010

M3 sewing (planning for action) + media

I am going to spend the month of May wearing clothing made by me, excepting for shoes, and raingear. The idea of MeMadeMay (hereafter referred to as M3) has motivated me to get back to my sewing. My lost mojo, which ran away when it looked in the mirror, might be tempted to return.

I tend to be both very pragmatic and very quirky about clothing; it has to be comfortable, and practical, and my "style" is somewhere in the neighborhood of urban fairytale, probably on the borderland. My standard three season "uniform" is a jumper with shirt and leggings, with extra layers when it is really cold. Some of the time I wear an apron/pinafore over everything

Even if I don't make any new jumpers or dresses, I've five, enough to get by, though some are worn to a ravelling, and will be replaced as I finish up SWAP. I've a few homemade blouses and shirts, but mostly I've been wearing black knit tops from Goodwill under my jumpers, so that is one area that could be improved... I have plenty of underthings and one pair of velour leggings. Now that I've a serger, I can quickly make up several more pair of leggings if the weather remains cold

While I did learn how to knit socks, my knitting is relatively slow, I don't enjoy working at a gauge tiny enough to make comfortable durable socks, and so I've decided to make up some cloth hose. I've already made some for my SCA gear, so I know that they are actually comfortable, and being cut on the bias, they aren't terribly baggy odd looking. I might try making some in Polartec, for wearing when it is cold and rainy. Even so, it will take a while to make up several pair, I'd like to have about five to seven, enough for a week.

I'd like to also make a raincoat. I have a pattern I like, and yards of well aged London Fog fabric (black of course) in my stash cupboard that I've been carrying around ever since I lived in Seattle.

(it occurs to me that I should mention that while it looks like I am doing a fairly extreme version of M3, in fact I already sew most of my own clothing and underthings. For me the challenge is to find the gaps in my everyday wardrobe, like socks, and T shirts, and a raincoat, and maybe a bathrobe...)

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  1. What a lovely video,thanks for sharing it.

  2. Best of luck with your clothing plans for May. Sounds like a fun project.

    I'd join you, but I'm just too busy right now and I don't have enough stock of modern clothes that I could just do it. It's been quite a while since I made modern clothing! I mostly buy my jeans and shirts from the local thrift store.

  3. If I could buy clothes that fit me, and made me happy, I wouldn't need to sew as much as I do!