Thursday, March 25, 2010

two steps forward one step back...

...or is that one step forward two steps back?

The re-over-dye project came out a great color. Too bad that the repeated washings and dryings have now made the T-shirt too small to cut out enough pieces for the project. Even though I'd planned on using black jersey for the sleeves.

And that black jersey... I cut out the sleeves one right side and one wrong side. Which makes them look different colors. AND I did the same thing with the bodice for the black jersey jumper! I guess I should only cut out such subtle fabric when there is maximum light and I am really focused, and now there is no more black or grey jersey in my stash. (very grumpy)

So now I have no fabric that is big enough to cut out the various pattern pieces. I have some narrow skirt gores, sleeves cut wrong and some small wrong bodice bits. It is not possible to match different black fabrics well. I've tried, and have some "funky" jumpers to show for it; I wear them, but that is not exactly where I have been wanting to go with this set of clothing. I'm trying for artistic, not the Patchwork Girl of OZ...

I still need to do one more top, and now I need to come up with ideas for one more jumper and one more dress. I'm going out for a walk, to clear my head. Perhaps this is a day to step away from the sewing room and do something else.


  1. Blame it on the wind.It is so windy here today that maybe the wind came along and stole away your common sense.
    We should get together next no house cleaning week!