Monday, March 15, 2010

ribbed for her pleasure...

...or half done is well begun.

When I finished my wristwarmers at the beginning of the month, I was without a handwork project for my transit-riding time, and without particular inspiration. I turned to my list of Ravelry favorites, and decided that this vintage inspired tea cosy would be both useful and beautiful, a good addition to my teaparty regalia. After all, 94 happy Ravelers must be on to a good thing right? (only kind of sort of, Mudhead)

It is a really pretty thing, but a pretty odd knit. Getting the tension right, “pulling” the yarn across to form the ridges, is really kind of difficult, and the progress is quite slow. The pattern is a good use of the pretty varigated yarns that are a bit more bright than I want to wear. The process gets easier with time, though never with the wonderful sense of flow that knitting can have. I think it will indeed be the very warmest ever kind of teacosy. The snugged up floats across the reverse side pull the garter stitch to form the ribbed knitwork, and that will create air space to hold the heat in, just the thing for Acorn Cottage in the wintertime...
raised garter stitch ribs, like a cross between knitting and corduroy

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  1. Love the colors of that yarn - it will be the most handsomest teapot in town !