Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wishful Wednesday - forward momentum

Hopefully, the online challenges and contests will be encouragement for lasting changes that will improve life here at Acorn Cottage.

I've entered the Dark Days Challenge (20 weeks) as a way to explore what is available to me, given my resources, in the local area, for eating food that is Susatinable, Organic, Local and Ethical. Eating the "SOLE" food way is possible, but pretty challenging (at the lower reaches of the economic food chain) I may be shifting my focus towards preparing a better backyard garden for 2010, as that will be vital for adding more affordable organic produce to my larder.

My empty closet cried out for me to participate in SWAP 2010, a "sew a coordinated 11 piece wardrobe" clothing challenge. In 2005, the last time I participated in SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) I was very happy with the results, a closet full of clothing that all played together happily, which made getting dressed in the morning something that required no effort. It actually changed the way I plan and sew for myself, but after five years, most of those clothes are worn out... read about my sewing projects here: "with the happiness of the small hands"

As a way of encouraging my effort to supply my pantry with more local food options Tigress' Can Jam will be an interesting spur to try new preserving techniques. for a year, each month will feature a different type of produce, and something that is preserved (water-bath canned) will be the result.

Finally, just for fun, I've entered two felt related contests...

I haven't heard back yet from Kenleighs Felt Challenge, which will be all about making a needlefelted sheep from some very special wool that they will be providing. Shannon and her family raise beautiful Jacob sheep on their farm in the Willamette Valley.

The Felt Smack Down, is sponsored by Patty from "My life under the bus". It would be hard not to be inspired by Sally Mavors' book, Felt Wee Folk, and the challenge is to make something that is directly or indirectly based on her work. I'm tempted to enter my wintertime seasonal sprites, but just may have to make some new ones that are looking ahead to springtime. Actually, I'd eventually like to have a whole family of sprites, for all around the circle of the year.
~ : ♥ : ~
Today some very special visitors came to Acorn Cottage, though they couldn't stay for very long. Young Heather drove down from Olympia, on her day off from work, with her daughter Elencia (and her friend Scott). The last time I saw Elli she was just barely getting her feet under herself, now she is a little whirlwind toddling everywhere, and learning to sign for the basics of communication. I think it is so smart that many young parents now teach their children to sign before they can speak, it must make it a bit less frustrating for the littles to be able to communicate earlier. Elli enjoyed seeing my hens, and I enjoyed seeing Heather as a kindly thoughtful parent. Not too long ago, it feels like, it was my friend Sharon visiting, with her little daughter Heather...


  1. Thank you so much for the mention !
    I can't wait to see what you create : )

  2. Hi Alison - Thanks for mentioning my challenge and our farm on your blog! There is definitely room for you to join - welcome :)

  3. re: wee folk. Your little witches made me very happy. So did the frosts.

    Still crying a bit. I noted from your language that something had happened to Smokey and was so sad and sorry to read of her passing so many months ago. So touching and the comment from your brother, well I burst into tears.

    What a great and wonderful dog she is, I can see her still and feel her fur between my fingers as I'm sure you do.