Monday, July 9, 2007

Ups, downs, and Nimblefoot spews fluid!

Friday night I woke up at 3 AM thinking "business cards!" . Rather than leap out of bed, and alarm the dog, i simply added it to the long list of Country Fair prep errands scheduled for Saturday.

I started the day by heading over to Mill Ends for satin rattail cord, and stopped at the giant garage sale at the home Conor and Liaden. It was fun to see so many of my friends, and I also ended up buying a white tarp plastic dayshade, which I intend to re-configure with bird-netting into a British style "fruit cage" to protect the future berries I want to grow in the backyard. Between the jays and the squirrels, fruit wouldn't stand a chance currently.

At a stop light on Grand Avenue, I noticed that Nimblefoots' temperature gauge was becoming too warm, so I turned off the air-conditioning, opened the window, and turned on the heat. That was when I noticed the bus driver next to me was pointing at me and waving his hands. I rolled down the passenger window to have him tell me "lady, you just lost your radiator, coolant is spewing all over the road" and then I noticed the steam suddenly billowing from under Nimblefoots little grey hood...

After an AAA tow to the mechanic, I was rescued from the long walk and busrides home by the kindness of Rafny.

On the way home, we stopped at a favorite shop of hers in Southeast, with admirable Asian furniture both antique and reproductions. My real find, though, was a stash of old house windows piled behind the shipping cartons. I'd been thinking about making one of the window-mirrors to hang on the shiplap wall sheathing behind where my washer dryer will live once I get the plumbing fixed. The old sheathing is a lovely rich brown wood, and I have no intention of putting sheetrock over that chunk of wall, but it is the darkest corner of the workroom, and my friend Rois suggested hanging a mirror there to gather the ambient light and brighten the space. Now for only $5, I have a lovely old twelve-pane window to convert into a mirror. And though I've been trying not to bring home any more projects to an Acorn Cottage already too full of projects, this is an exception. I already have ALL the materials and supplies I need (ie a jar of window putty, a glass cutter, and two catty-whumpus closet mirrors that the former owners left behind), and I don't need to learn a new skill to make it happen. So some weekend in the not too distant future, I can bring light to a dark corner.

In the last day and a half, I've been busy customising my little sales cart to make it more festive for the booth at the Fair, and to come up with display options that are a bit more secure... I've added skinny six foot tall bamboo poles to each end of the cart, with a strand of small tie-dye pennants hanging between them. I found some old painting-on-silk art that I did several years ago, and am turning them into small rectangular banners to hang from each pole, in a vaguely Japanese-military-flag-sort-of way. I found my old string of bells for hanging from the woodwork. And to securely display the stock, I've come up with a kind of wirework grid of delicate black steel wire and fishing swivel snaps. I need to finish the wire grids, and make a signboard, and I think the cart will be ready. (Pictures after the Fair, the cart looks really cute.)

Waiting to see how the helper-at-the-Fair thing sorts itself out. Due to unexpected family issues, my current arrangement may not work, and it is really short notice to find another assistant. I am doing my best to remain positive about it all working out well. The only other time I was in a booth at the Fair, (rather than helping Bill with his strolling vendor cart), the hardest thing was not having another person there to help me. Somehow it will all come right in the end....

I've got folks coming through on Tuesday and on Wednesday on the way to Fair, so I'd best get on home and do a little cleaning and picking up, so there is room, and Acorn Cottage doesn't look too scarey....

~~ the return of Nimblefoot! ~~
Now back and better than tiny car is repaired, hooray! I have the best mechanics, they did their best to get the car fixed so I would have a few days in Portland just to "make certain" nothing else needs help before the drive to Fair. And with the forecast for temperature over 100, I'm really grateful not to be on foot tomorrow. Still have waay too much to do, but things are looking improved. and all the fixing was less than 500$, which is more than I can easily afford, but not so much that I will have to bail on going to the Fair.

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