Wednesday, January 27, 2010

progress of some sort

My stripey vest is finished - yay! I've decided to not add the embroidery for now, which makes it my first completed SWAP garment. If I decide that it needs embroidery, I can add it later, when I have more of the finished pieces to look at. Hopefully the sewing will go a lot quicker than the knitting, I've got ten garments to make before April. Fortunately half are already cut out, and I'm a much faster sewer than knitter. And I needed the vest NOW when it is cold, not in April...

Anyone interested in canning citrus, especially marmalade, might want to check out the listings over at Tigress In A Jam.  Today she's posted a "can jam roundup" with annotated links to over 80 of this months participants in her year long canning challenge. I know I'm going to bookmark some of them - blood orange port marmalade... lemon fig lavender marmalade... and citrus jelly with ginger and honey sounds like something to keep on hand for not just the larder, but the first aid shelf.

Today is a work from home day, sewing and some studio-sorting. I've two different sewing commissions, one due at the end of the week. I'd best clear off the dining room table, currently covered in detritus from working on the felt smackdown contest (almost finished, it is now my new transit project); the sewing part of that project fits in an Altoids tin, easier to carry than my whole tote bag of vest knitting. That contest ends on Friday, but my entry is tiny, and should be complete in time. Just needs a bit more embroidery, and then it is time for glue, and I need to find a flat rock for a base.

I woke up this morning with two thoughts in my head: one, I plumb hate taking anti-inflammatories, that single aspirin last night made my stomach hurt all night long, and Ibuprofen is no better, with the added delight of water retention :P
And two, whatever is going on with my wrist is not in addition to my carpal tunnel RSI. I am not getting a significant increase in those symptoms, but rather a whole new constellation of different dysfunction. It's not swollen, it just hurts like the dickens. Bleh! Best guess I can make is that it is tendinitis. When looking up medical info, I usually go to the Mayo Clinic website, their explanations are clear, and they include advice on home remedies. Hope my guess is good...(for those who know me, insert my usual boring rant about health care for the uninsured working poor here, for those who don't, use your imagination...)

Well, enough whinging, there are projects to do, and groceries to get, recycling to take away, and a birthday potluck this evening to go enjoy and wish Khalja many happy returns of the day!

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  1. Super cute. love attached i-cord. Love I-cord really. Looking forward to seeing it with the embroidery. Great pattern.