Friday, January 29, 2010

oh no, and yes and yes

I need to take a sabbatical from knitting. I guess that working on the sweater-vest was just a bit more than my wrist could tolerate. Today, after two days "rest" I tried a little knitting, just a tad, to start the adorable tiny octopus... my wrist immediately felt much worse. So, yarn-crafting goes on the back burner, and I need to find something else to do on the bus.

But despite that, here is something tiny that pleases me very much, Little Bo-Peep is finished! And since the rain held off this afternoon, I could take her and her sheep outside for a photo shoot...
where is that pesky sheep?

I'm pretty happy with Little Bo-Peep, though only 3 ½" tall, she's more elaborate than the other seasonal sprites I've made. She's dressed in wool felt clothing, all hand embroidered. She is wearing stripey socks, embroidered pantaloons, a green dress, light green apron with an embroidered daisy, and an embroidered jacket. Her neck ruffle is a "silk" flower, and she has a wee straw hat (thrifted from Goodwill). She, and her lamb, will make a great start for some springtime vignettes on the living room windowsill. I think that I'll liberate the black sheep ornament to add to her flock.

For this project I broke my resolution to only purchase infrastructure this year; I wanted springtime colors for the clothing, and that delightful shop Gossamer has merino wool felt in a wide variety of colors, including some plant dyed wool felt. Rose sells not only big sheets of felt, but small squares that are perfect for projects like this one.

~ : ♥ : ~
In additional brighter news, my leafy heart ornament that I donated to the Etsy fundraiser "Hearts for Haiti" sold in one day! This made me so happy, I immediately donated another one... Not only does it help raise money for Doctors Without Borders, but it means that someone out there liked it enough to buy it. (I don't get much traffic through my own Etsy store, so it is hard for me to tell if things I make are actually salable)


  1. Oh my - they are adorable. Your embroidery is fabulous and I love the colors you chose. Great work!!!