Friday, January 8, 2010

green dreams

Most all of the remaining studio projects from last year are either waiting for postal instructions, or are on their way to their new homes. This one is going where I only wish I could, down to the West for 12th Night. Here's hoping that the year to come will bring new art-working, and interested students, to Acorn Cottage...

Despite the strong winds, or maybe because of them, there is a tendril of spring fever here. I'm wishing for seed catalogs, and beginning to think about garden ideas. I've made a list of what I'd like to grow, moderated by what foods are readily available here organically grown and at low cost, and thinking about what I most often buy at the markets. Greens. I buy quite a bit of greens for salads and greens for cooking. That will be the focus of the garden this year, I need to learn how to grow what I actually eat. Not just greens of course... Do you want to see my hopeful list?
  1. edible pod peas
  2. lettuce, various
  3. cilantro
  4. dill
  5. leeks
  6. tah tsai
  7. kai lan
  8. bok choy
  9. romano beans
  10. chard
  11. lacinato kale
  12. mizuna
  13. miners lettuce
  14. purple shiso
  15. yellow crookneck squash
  16. small winter squash (delicata or kabocha)
  17. roma-type tomato
  18. santiam or stupice tomato
  19. dill
  20. asparagus! (if I manage to get it together to prep another garden bed)

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  1. I 'll have the Yellow Crookneck Squash seeds for you.They are super easy to grow and tend to be excellent producers.By the end of their season last fall we had had so many we were kind of tired of them.Now I wish I had some tho'.Oh How I miss our fresh veggies right out our door.