Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dark Days challenge - squash fail

week 11 of 20
Halfway there, wherever there may be...

Today I had the inspiration to use the spaghetti squash that a friend had given me, excess from her local CSA share. I cooked up a tasty red sauce, with some locally grown red onion, garlic from my Olympia friends, some "Oregon-grown" crimini, some home canned tomato sauce, and Italian sausage (made at my neighborhood New Seasons from local Pacific Village pork). And I followed the directions on the squash for how to cook it, while I have made "faux-ghetti" by grating summer squash and liked it very much, I've never actually cooked spaghetti squash before...

When I cut it open, it was full of long strings alright, but mostly the long strands of the sprouted seeds that filled it. Not appetizing, and when I tasted the stringy flesh along the sides, it was quite bitter. I guess this is not a kind of squash that is meant to store for months, unlike the butternut, or the amazing long-storing delicata. Since I'm not eating grain, and I had this lovely red sauce with nothing to put it on, the sauce will go in the freezer to wait for something else, and I'll scrounge a stir-fry from what else is in the fridge. Not every experiment meal works out.

Update at 9 PM - A small sweet potato, (found at the back of the fridge) - steamed, it was a good vehicle for half of the red sauce, with some grated Rumianos dry-jack as a garnish

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  1. Mmmm... Spaghetti Squash. First you cut it open, take out all the seeds and yuck (Like when carving a pumpkin). If oven cooking, you put it in about 1" of water in a casserole dish and let bake for 30-40 minutes. If microwave cooking, you put it in a microwave safe dish in 1" of water and cook on high for 7-9 minutes. Use a fork to scratch along the insides and ta-da spaghetti squash.