Saturday, December 12, 2009

well begun and half done

The first day of the ManyHands Marketplace has been a qualified success. It did not snow. People came, including passers-by who were driving up the street and saw the signs, and folks who saw the signs we'd put up on the main streets and came by to check it out. We had a sign painter stop in and give us advice on color theory for signage. One woman came who had heard me talking to the store clerk last week while I was shopping at Bolt . A few of the folks who came here actually purchased things. If the weather holds, we may get more visitors tomorrow. I'm feeling hopeful.
ManyHands Holiday Market 2009


  1. I love seeing all the colorful displays of the handicrafts. Hope today went well too! xoxo, G

  2. How did the second day go? Sorry I missed coming by.