Thursday, December 31, 2009

a pictorial glimpse of 2009...

the year turned...

and a mushroom swap happened,
connecting artists all over the world

snowdrops bloomed in early spring

some new denizens of Acorn Cottage arrived

the kitchen was filled with the scent of baking

there were candied citrus cupcakes

and strange experiments were done in the kitchen...

the evening sky glowed in May

a long-awaited roof covered the front porch

Mom and I drove to the coast

three figs ripened on the front porch

my heart broke forever

a North Umpqua rafting trip shook up preconceptions

 forty years ongoing,
Oregon Country Fair proved still full of creative wonders

Sauvie Island blueberries were picked

 we gathered by the river

young hens arrived

my kid brother ran his first marathon

wool is always our friend

whether practical, or whimsical...

my creative friends and I do what we can.

local food is a big part of life here

and in the cold winter, at the end of a difficult year,
I am truly grateful for all the myriad gifts and blessings in my life
~ : ♥ : ~
wishing love and light to all of you in the year to come

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely fabulous pictoral expose'...I do believe the Jerry Garcia cake was among my favs :)

    May the old year take with it all that it needs to, and the new year be filled with all you desire.

    heather / lao