Sunday, December 6, 2009

Media Monday + ornaments

Every day, in addition to my regular work, I've been making things for our Holiday Marketplace this weekend. It is always a real challenge for me to come up with ideas for things to sell for under $20, as mostly I make things that are very time consuming. This year I am focusing on small decorative ornaments, intended to sell some for $5 and some for $10. Today I finished using the last of some beautiful printed linen, combined with felt and a bit of embroidery...
There was one small piece left, and I decided that the front door of Acorn Cottage needed a bit of Dala horse holiday goodness. I added the holly leaves from a scrap of felted sweater and some leftover bits of red wool felt. I was over at Bolt, my favorite small local fabric store, on Saturday; I brought along the ornaments to show them, since I'd been buying the felt and floss there,(the quarter yard of printed linen was from Japan, by way of Etsy). Gina (the owner) asked me to let her know if ever I want to write some tutorials for their shop. When using public transit, local shops become very important, I could go to Fabric Depot or Mill Ends (never to the evil J-A empire), but that takes at least an hour or more; Bolt is only a short busride away, in the summertime I could actually ride there on my bike, and the folks who work there are both very knowledgeable and really friendly.

The front lawn is raked, and most of the leaves are now in the hen pen; the girls were very dubious about my dumping piles of leaves all over their spot, but soon discovered that there were bugs-n-bits in those leaves. Total time for raking and leaf moving is about four hours, spread over several days...not too bad. The henhouse is also all cleaned out and fresh straw installed. While doing all these healthy outdoor chores, I had a sudden flash of insight about the henhouse: I don't need to build a new one, I can remodel the one I have. If I add windows (probably plexiglass reinforced with wire mesh) to the main area of their house, it will be lighter inside, and less appealing as a place to lay eggs. Then if I add a different nest box that is both lower and darker than the main area (and maybe close off the current nest box), they will probably decide to sleep in the upper zone. Needs more thought over the next month or two, but has possibilities.
~ : ♥ : ~
I decided to hang the laundry outside to dry, as the sky is clear and sunny. However, it is so cold today that the dishtowels that I was hanging out froze stiff, looking very odd as they didn't flap in the breeze. but tilted. Hopefully the wind will gradually pull the moisture away, and if not, I haven't lost anything and can still put them in the dryer.
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And to start the week and the month and the holiday season off properly here's something slightly askew - I first heard this song as a freshman in college...


  1. I may have to buy one of your ornaments they look so cute.I love your door art too,so very Acorn Cottage.
    Also what a fun offer from Bolt you really should do it.
    Good job with the leaves,you are on your way to homesteading.