Thursday, December 3, 2009

future sewing thoughts...

I've signed upfor the (7th Annual) 2010 "Sewing With A Plan" Contest on the Stitchers Guild forum, which begins on December 26 and ends on April 30, 2010. The last time I participated in this contest was in 2005, and I still have, and wear, the jean jacket and one of the T-shirts. I found that having clothing that I could mix-n-match made getting dressed in the morning something that I didn't need to think about, since I'd done all the planning ahead before sewing.

If you could only see my living room, the dining table is covered with paper, and old patterns that I have pulled out to gather details from...the small croquis that I made earlier has really gotten a workout, and is truly my new best friend. I'm pretty happy with what I have come up with for actual garments to be sewn, I think that they all work together stylistically, and will all be things I will enjoy wearing, (and coordinate with the clothing that I already own)

5 dresses
Black textured cotton button-front shirt-dress
This is a nicely made dress that I found at a thrift store. It is currently about ankle length, and too small in the bodice. As always, the shoulders are too wide. I plan on using the fabric that I will remove from the skirt to create side panels, and re-do the bodice with princess seams in the front, in order to add fabric only where it is needed to make it fit well. Whilst doing this, I will also re-cut the armscye and re-set the sleeves.
Black & grey polka dot cotton dress
I'll be using the bias cut front from (OOP) Vogue 2545, re-styled to have a center front seam. The bodice will be combined with another OOP pattern, New Look 6881, to get the basque pointed bodice edge and the flared, slightly gathered 4-gore skirt. I'll draft my own sleeves.
Grey corduroy jumper with bias trim
This is one of my three TNT jumper patterns, which started life as a dolman-sleeved something back in the eighties. (I removed the sleeves and re-drafted the side panels decades ago) I'll probably go with self bias for the trim and edge binding, this is a pretty visually busy SWAP, and the grey on grey will look rather sculptural and somewhat subtle, I'm hoping...
Black cotton knit jumper
This pattern is one that I copied from a RTW jumper about fifteen years ago; I've some nice heavyweight knit set aside for this one.
Grey corduroy overall jumper
Self-drafted jumper (based on Viking era clothing, another style that I sew often), the flared skirt just makes me so happy. I will be doing a strip-pieced edge border, using as many of my mid-tone grey fabrics as I can. I did the same hem treatment on a denim jumper last year and get lots of compliments.

4 tops
Black & grey rayon knit top
I'll need to do a bit of alteration on the pattern, Sewing Workshop Teagarden T since I've gained a bit of weight in the last few years, but this is a great pattern, so comfortable and just a bit unusual.
Grey mixed fabric bohemian tunic
This one is going to be my "embellished" piece, I'm starting with a square yoke that I hand-embroidered several years ago, and combining three different grey fabrics. The inspiration for this one was a mixture of Gudrun Sjoden and Anthropologie, and I'll be using simple rectangular construction. aka sewing without a pattern, just using my measurements.
Grey striped flannel bias front top
Again I'll be using the ADRI pattern (Vogue 2545) for this top, but in the original diagonal front style. I'm going to do a narrow bound edge in a coordinating fabric, (maybe the tiny plaid that I sadly did not have enough of to make a shirt), and maybe pipe the diagonal seam. This is going to be my "matching stripe" piece, and I will do my best to match the armscye seams to the bodice on the front. Really I haven't matched anything since junior high, I don't often wear stripes or plaid...
Grey cotton print camp shirt
This is a pattern that I copied from a RTW blouse that I heavily modified to fit me (I re-cut the armscye/shoulder interchange, and added a pretty substantial vertical bust dart) The fabric was a gift from my dear Mom, she knows how fond I am of acorns as a motif. Fabric from Ikea in a botanical, mid-century inspired, print (it is the "grey-black" option on their menu)

1 pair pants
Grey linen loose fitting pants
This Marcy Tilton pattern Vogue 8499 will be a stretch for me, I very rarely wear pants... I've got some midweight grey linen set aside for these. I'll be doing at least one mockup first, of course.
~ ♥ ~
Still need to decide on my "your choice" item... I'm thinking that some kind of outerwear would be really useful, but not sure that I can realistically add that in to the plan without crashing and burning. Might be best to wait and see how much time there is left after all these are completed, though they're mostly straightforward TNT patterns, so should go smoothly...

I have fallen in love with the style of this bolero sweater from Sunday Knits, but is is only sold as a kit, and at $95, is so not in my budget... I did have fun choosing what colors I would pick out to coordinate with these clothes though, lovely charcoals and indigo and other darks... and some of my knitting friends may be able to help me deconstruct the style so as to knit something similar

Another idea I had was to make a raincoat. Hard to imagine that I live in Portland and don't have one! (I do have a Gore-tex jacket, but it is only hip length, and green doesn't coordinate with anything I own) I actually found the pattern today that I bought at Sewing Expo five years ago to try and make a coat. Would it be realistic to attempt this? (and still have time for life, work, etc?) I did a quick sketch of my idea, and as usual for me, I'd need to do some drafting of unknown parts, but wouldn't this just be so very perfectly right for me? Somewhere in my stash, I have a length of black London Fog raincoat fabric, and I know I have at least a yard of black Gore-Tex that would work for the shoulder cape. I remember, quite a few years ago, Threads magazine had an article by David Page Coffin about making raincoats. Maybe after the winter holidays I'll dig that one out of the archives here at Acorn Cottage...

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  1. I can't wait to see the polka dot dress and the flannel shirt I like their style.