Thursday, December 17, 2009

frugal knitting

In which our plucky heroine is grateful for requests promptly answered.

I was feeling a bit pitiful about buying any more yarn, given the state of my piggybank currently, and the need to keep the temperature here at Acorn Cottage somewhere above freezing. As I'd mentioned, there is not any one yarn in my small stash that I've enough of to make anything garment-ish, at least not in my size. (I have been making some baby booties for upcoming small fry among my friends).

I like having things to do on the bus, since I spend so very much time every week there. Knitting is best, though I have been making do with some simple stitching, working on the patchy border edge for the corduroy overall jumper.

Yesterday, I wrote this post on my sewing blog...
possible sweater - "Sonnet"... This might be a good option if I end up deciding to knit a sweater for the 2010 SWAP. My other knitting idea involved creating my own interpretation of the Stripey Sleeve Bolero from Sunday Knits, (since that one is only available as a complete kit (spendy), and I am out of size range on it anyway)which I still may do eventually, but that is a big project.

The pattern : Sonnet (from Knitty- Fall 03)has quite a bit of potential to be adjusted for size and configuration, and it is mostly in garter stitch, so good for bus knitting; this is a picture of the sweater knitted up with alternating color stripes and dark bands where the texture pattern is... stripey Sonnet. I'd probably not do the texture pattern on the sleeves, I think it looks dorky. I might have enough of the grey Rowan DK, if I can get another yarn that would also work with this, like a darker grey, indigo blue or a bittersweet dark brown. I'm thinking maybe KnitPicks...
Stopping in to the Goodwill today, I was very happy to find, hiding amidst the acrylic uglies, a nice dark bittersweet brown 100% merino wool sweater, of the sort that can be unraveled. I think, that combining it with the medium grey DK that I already have, I will have enough to make a knitted vest (maybe even enough for whole sweater).

The yarn is rather kinky right now, but some washing and relaxation will soon take care of that. Here is Knitters Review on how to recycle yarn, and here is what TECHknitter has to say about dealing with kinky yarn

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  1. Me, too! These days the only time I have hopes of knitting a garment for me is when I've collected enough nice sweaters to unravel. I started unraveling sweaters for yarn a couple of years ago when I began exploring dyeing with local plant materials. I was so excited by all the dying that I quickly realized that I needed to figure out a way to supply myself with fiber cheaply if I wanted to continue dying. Thus the unraveling of pale-colored wool sweaters (when I could find them, anyway!) Since then, I've learned to spin and moved on to dying unspun fiber.
    I'm hoping that winter will offer me the opportunity to spin and knit some of my stash.