Saturday, December 26, 2009

the first of an unknown number of changes... my sewing plan:

Started cutting out the pieces for SWAP, and discovered that, unfortunately, there was not enough of the black and grey rayon knit for the Teagarden T. Foolishly, I hadn't checked, and there was a big chunk missing that I'd cut out for a long-ago forgotten project. Because the Teagarden pattern consists of one huge singular piece (+a gusset) it isn't really possible to piece together the fabric, and retain the look.

So, since I really like the rayon knit fabric, I decided to use a different pattern. (Besides, the only piece of stashed knit fabric I have that is big enough for the Teagarden T is black velour, and though that does have possibilities, I'm really trying not to have this be an all-black all-the-time set of clothes)

I'm going to use tried-n-true Kwiksew 3120, and add the split turtleneck collar from Simplicity 4878. Hopefully, as long as the neckline is a similar shape and equal in length, it should work. If not, I'll have learned something.

I wonder if many other folks buy up old patterns just to use parts of them, I had no use for most of the Simplicity pattern, but the collar was just different enough from anything else I've sewn before, and looked okay when I sketched it. That is, it looks like something I would be willing to wear, and that will also be wearable with most of my other clothing as well.
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It is astonishingly windy out there tonight, my roof is very noisy. Either than or there is something big thumping around in the attic, but it sounds like the turbine ventilators whirling hard... If only I had a wind generator up there, Acorn Cottage could be awash in electricity a little power station.

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  1. I don't necessarily buy up OLD patterns to use parts but I buy new patterns for that purpose. I might like the way a sleeve fits or a collar lies, etc, just list you do. I wait for them to $1-2 at Joann's, refuse to pay full price, even if it is 40% off.