Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dark Days Challenge - good egg(s)

week 6 of 20
Huzzah! The young hens, Speckledy, Sparkley and Spot, have been looking rather grown-up lately. They are as big as Hennypenny, with nice ruddy combs and wattles, and have been taking quite an interest in the calcium supplement lately; I was delighted to find, when I looked in the henhouse today, three petite brown eggs! They are most certainly from the new hens, as HP is almost four, and her eggs, when she is laying, are much larger. (The older chickens get, the larger their eggs and the fewer of them they lay.) I am hoping that the new hens will be good layers; it certainly is a hopeful start to the season, to get three eggs when it is still deep in winter.
The eggshells are so very strong, much harder to crack than even the free range eggs from the store. My dark days meal is a simple breakfast, an omelet, and herbed home-fries. Only the cooking fat is from away. I'm using the very last of the Yellow Finn potatoes, and the brand new eggs, and just a bit of the herbs from the yard - thyme and green onions, sage and parsley. I'm going to cook them in some unsalted Tillamook butter, as the delicate flavor of the butter won't stand in the way of the taste of the very fresh eggs!
newly laid eggs - homegrown - 0 mi
Yellow Finn potatoes - homegrown - 0 mi
green onion - frontyard herb garden - 0 mi
thyme, parsley, sage - frontyard herb garden - 0 mi
unsalted butter - Tillamook County Creamery Association - 74 mi


  1. YEAH! for home grown eggs.Good job girls now keep it up! The sunny yolks are the closest we Oregonians get to seeing the sun this time of year.

  2. I love seeing the before and after! Looks yummy!!!