Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dark Days Challenge - coping with cold

week 3 of 20
Yesterday was frost, for today we have freeze; this morning the thermometer read 28F at 8:30 AM. Last night I got out my ultimate keep warm at night tool, the Featherbed. Usually it lives in the linen closet, where it bulges out threateningly like the pillsbury doughboy from the top shelf. But when the mercury drops, strong measures are required. It was a lot more comfortable sleeping last night, with wool blankets and the down puff on top, and the poofy feathers on either side forming a kind of gorilla nest, and sealing the warmth in. Of course, that made getting out of bed this morning even less appealing than usual, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...

First order of the day, after the morning chicken routine, is breakfast. I've been trying to come up with a tasty cold weather breakfast that I can turn into part of my morning routine, and one contender is egg-drop soup. This morning it is not only low carb, but local as well. I had a pint of lamb broth in the fridge, from the riblets last week, and it was the work of a moment to slice up some chard leaves and beat up two eggs. Once I was able to pry the jellied stock out of the Mason jar and into the saucepan, I had breakfast in a trice. (Soup is perfect for this kind of weather, since grain-based breakfast is a thing of the past for me.)

Homemade lamb broth is ever so much nicer than shelf-stable chicken soup in a box, which is my organic pantry staple. In a few months my hens will start laying again, so the eggs will be a short walk from the backyard instead of from the store. And maybe someday I'll have a pressure canner, and will be able to put soup broth up rather than usually buying it in boxes at Costco, but for me it is all about how to balance everything out. For someone who doesn't live anywhere near the top of the paycheck bell curve, I choose to eat pretty well...
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bok choi - Winter Green Farm - 135 mi
was lamb riblets, now broth - SuDan Farm - 26 mi
free range eggs - Stiebrs Farms - 118 mi

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