Thursday, November 12, 2009

random Thursday thoughts

Bleah! Dang! I have a cold, despite washing my hands so much that the skin is chapped and cracked. It is just a unpleasant consequence of riding on public transit. At least I will be healthy before next weekend, when I have a student coming to take a cloisonne workshop. If anyone else is interested in enameling, this is a good one for making those special holiday or 12th Night gifts...
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My acorn and oakleaf hat is finished, and the double-thick band is just as toasty warm as I had hoped. I'm thinking about knitting up some acorns for holiday ornaments for the sale in December. It looks like we will be having a holiday sale here at Acorn Cottage the second weekend in December, stay tuned for further information...
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I've found someone who wants my old carpet...when I am finally able to remove the bedroom carpet and put down the Tundra flooring. They can use it on the farm where their border collies train with sheep, and will come and Pick It Up with their truck, so all I need to do is remove it and roll it up. After the winter Holiday Season.
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Despite feeling like cr*p today, I did get outside and do a tiny bit of gardening, since it was not raining. The two swiss chard starts are now planted in the garden bed in the backyard. I am hoping that it will be happier there, and that I will have some greens later this year and in early spring. If I can ever manage to build a hanging light fixture for over the student table in the workroom, it occurs to me that it would also be a good place to start seeds; there are no sunny windows suitable for that, so I've been pretty much acquiring plant starts rather than starting my own.

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