Monday, November 2, 2009

media monday + sewing thoughts

...been feeling a bit lonesome and puny and off-balance since I got back from the other coast, nothing real specific, just hard to get motivated, and wanting more company than I usually have. I'm sure I will soon feel re-balanced more like my usual self. There is so much to be done here to get ready for wintertime.

One thing for sure, besides working, is that I need to sew some clothing. I got a good start whilst I had access to my Mom's Bernina; finished one light blue jumper and another indigo one needs only pockets to be completed. I also pulled a pattern off an old and dearly loved silk noil camp shirt that was "worn to a ravelling", a good pattern to use, that I know will fit without needing mockups. So today I pawed and dug through my tubs of fabric bits to see what I could come up with in the way of large enough pieces to really get a start on a bunch of new jumpers, dresses and shirts. While I had intended to go with my usual indigo based colors, I've found I have a great assortment of various greys, from corduroy to rayon knit. I even found the raincoat fabric that I bought when I lived in Seattle years ago, though I am not
yet feeling ready to tackle that strenuous project .... If I can find suitable fabric somewhere in the stash, I will also make some leggings/longjohns...

Mist and Fog...a Tentative winter clothes sewing plan:
grey widewale corduroy jumper
black knit jumper
grey/black polkadot cotton shirtdress
black linen shirtdress
grey Ikea oakleaf and acorn cotton shirtdress
textured grey cotton japanese landscape print shirt
grey/black flowered rayon knit top (SW teagarden T)
grey textured rayon "hippie/bohemian" shirt with embroidered yoke
grey jaquard rayon bias front top
grey linen pants (Vogue Marcy Tilton pattern)

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