Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Isn't that a wonderful word? I love the way it looks.

I was given a whole grocery bag full of quince, and decided that they needed to be made into jelly. The last time I tried to do anything with quince, about five or six years ago, I attempted quince paste, and got something that was well, edible, but not really a treat, being not that lovely red color, and well, rather grainy. Not a treat, despite hours and hours of work. So, scanning the internet for likely recipes, I found this one which looked promising. SO, I've been simmering the cut-up quinces all evening, and will drain them overnight, with the idea of turning them into jelly tomorrow. I've never actually made jelly before, lots of jams and marmalades and sauces, but not that clear wriggly aromatic sweet. Those who say that quince is low in pectin must be wrong, since there is clear evidence to the contrary wherever the juice from the simmering liquid has drippped on my stove. I imagine that like other fruits the pectins are concentrated in the skin, core, and seeds, and if those are cut away before cooking, it might be lacking. Well, tomorrow will be the test for certain...
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I have made some progress on my winter knitted hat project. The oak-leaf strip is finished, as is the body of the hat. I've stitched them together, and added one of the I-cord bands at the bottom edge where they join. I still need to knit the other I-cord band for the other edge of the oak-leaf strip, figure out how I am going to connect the small knitted 3-D acorns and oakleaves which will form a kind of central tassel, and block the crown of the hat to a smoother shape. It is a hat with a lot going on, but mostly sculptural, the color is a soft medium blue, almost but not quite indigo, and it has the oakleaf cable, and the crown of the hat is all in checkerboard knitting. The only other color is the I-cord, knit in yarn shaded dark blue and grey and taupe. It has been really satisfying to come up with an idea and gradually through trial and error, design my own knitting. I'm used to doing that with fabric, but not with yarn.
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I've had this song running through my head for days now...
Long long ago, when I was a young thing in the early seventies, my friends and I saw the Kinks at the old Boston Music Hall, and somehow ended up sitting only a few rows back from the stage. (Only once have I ever had better seats for a concert, and that was when Steeleye Span played upstairs in the Galleria in Harvard Square, that was the show that had dancing girls and Morris dancers) those were some good times back then...
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* Dutch for "quince jelly"

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