Monday, November 9, 2009

bits-n-pieces + Media Monday

I've been able to find several important things that have been misplaced, like the title to Nimblefoot, and the pieces of my unhappy Orca Torch... I found a small heavy-duty tarp in the SCA closet, which has now been attached to the back fence in the hen-yard to give the girls a small area, besides under the coop, that is out of the rain.
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The tourney-kitchen-box that Viki passed on to me has been moved from the back deck (where it was getting rained on, and trying to grow mold) to right outside the back door. I scrubbed the inside with bleach, and set it atop the leg parts from my old "standing workbench". Once it dries out, (hopefully before springtime) it should be great for storing small yard and garden bits and bobs.
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My friend Gryphon came down last week from Olympia to sell books at Powells and bring me some of his late wife's gardening things; three Earthboxes (self-watering planters), two huge planter-pots, some beefy welded wire tomato cages, and a spiffy multilayered worm bin. Some of the sewing reference books that Powells didn't want, I was able to give a good home here at Acorn Cottage; I have happy memories of going to Sewing Expo with Larissa, and will remember her often.
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