Thursday, November 19, 2009

back-alley bouquet

Walking home today, I saw something bright among the drifted leaves and debris in the alley down the street from Acorn Cottage. There were a few purple campanula still blooming, and a little further along I found a few other flowers, cosmos, and lavender, and yarrow... All these are technically "weeds"; windblown and bird-left seeds find hospitable places in corners of the urban landscape. My more gardenly neighbors don't give them yard-room. I thought the flowers would be just the thing to brighten Acorn Cottage on a dark day.

I've two small flower holders, cubes of lucite with a rare earth magnet on one side, the center drilled out to hold a small glass test tube. One lives in the kitchen, next to the sink; the kitchen cupboards here are original 1950's painted steel. The other one lives in the bathroom, also next to the sink, where an Ikea steel cupboard stands in for a proper medicine cabinet.

Having fresh flowers make me smile when washing dishes or brushing teeth. And while my goal is having flowers to cut for the house growing here most of the year long, for now I will enjoy these small foraged delights.

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  1. Nice! I am so going to miss flowers over the winter too.